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Saleh Stevens SharesThe Best Reasons For A Business To Accept Bitcoins

Saleh Stevens


Bitcoin is a new technology many individuals still do not understand. Despite this, it has become increasingly important businesses start accepting cryptocurrency. As an expert in the field, an excellent place to start researching cryptocurrency is Saleh Stevens.

The Customers

When a business accepts bitcoin, they are providing their customers with an additional choice. Today’s business is about customizing the experience for the benefit of the customer. An excellent way to accomplish this is to provide customers with an extra choice of their payment options. Accepting cryptocurrency may not be the reason a consumer is drawn to a business, but it might be the reason they choose to remain a customer. When a business accepts cryptocurrency, it does give them a slight advantage over their competition.

The Cryptocurrency Economy

The number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts is consistently increasing. These individuals have formed a community, and they will seek out cryptocurrency friendly businesses. These individuals are all over the world, and many attend regular meetings to discuss cryptocurrency. These meetings are often hosted by experts in the field, and the owners of businesses accepting cryptocurrency.

The Transaction Fees

When a company switches to cryptocurrency, they save money. Not only is this currency easy and fast to use, the transaction fee is one of the main reasons so many companies switched over. Traditional payment methods such as credit cards have expensive fees for transactions, but cryptocurrency doesn’t. The average fee for accepting a credit card is between two and three percent. There are no transaction fees for the cryptocurrency. Some businesses gain additional customer loyalty by passing on the savings.

The Exposure

When a business starts accepting cryptocurrency, there are increasing their exposure. There are several new directories available to businesses accepting the new currency. A lot of the local news stations have been conducting numerous interviews with businesses accepting cryptocurrency, providing even more exposure.

The Reconnection

Once a business begins accepting Bitcoin, they can send sent an email to all their clients apprising them of this new option. Sharing the goals and visions of the business with clients is an excellent way to reconnect with customers from the past. When a customer feels like they are involved in the future of the business, they will remain loyal.

The Education

A business does not need an extensive education regarding cryptocurrency. There are numerous companies who explain the process in an easy to understand manner, and will provide any necessary guidance. They also provide exceptional customer service to help the business get set up. For more information on cryptocurrency, please check with Saleh Stevens.

The Price Volatility

For any individual Who has been watching cryptocurrency for the last several months, the topic most discussed is how the price is similar to the dollar. The reason so many businesses are afraid of cryptocurrency is that the consistent fluctuation in price. The problem is when a business makes a sale for $20, they want the currency they accepted as payment to be worth the same $20 the next day. The fear is the currency will have substantially dropped in value. What many businesses are unaware of is there are companies who will immediately make the exchange from cryptocurrency to United States dollars. The software used for the conversion is nearly instantaneous, so a business can be assured they will receive their money with no risk of volatility.

The Increasing Usage of Cryptocurrency

Although it is true most people are not currently using cryptocurrency, the cryptocurrency users are continuing to grow at a steady rate. As time passes, the expectation is more and more commerce will be linked to cryptocurrency. The number of users may reach staggering proportions. When a business begins accepting the currency now, they will be well placed for the future of cryptocurrency.

The Non-Profit Industry

Cryptocurrency has been incredibly successful at raising the public awareness for both charities and non-profit organizations. Donations all over the world have received their funding with cryptocurrency. There was even an Olympic team who used the new currency to help pay for their trip to Sochi.

The Opportunity

The definition of a lagger is an individual who does something only because it has become popular with the masses. This is what exactly happened with social media. Most people believe as the future draws nearer, cryptocurrency will become a standard for businesses. Once this has occurred, businesses will see a competitive advantage. Accepting cryptocurrency is not about following the pack, it is about looking ahead. Cryptocurrency is quickly establishing itself as the currency of the future. As the monetary units for several countries have already failed, many individuals are starting to consider cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is an exceptional opportunity for the modern business.

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Key Things Every Small Business Should Do To Succeed

It is the focus of every entrepreneur to achieve his goals of establishing a successful business, but the process that leads to this is lost on many. Small businesses face a myriad of challenges including competition and the lack of sufficient resources to facilitate the development of various products, but as Martin Joseph Stallone, a business expert and strategist explains, what these businesses need is to grasp some of the key aspects of business that determine the way a business will perform. Below are some of the key things every small business should pay attention to for success.

Cash management

The first problem you need to solve is money management, which is by far the most critical issue when it comes to developing a business. Many entrepreneurs fail because they invest at the wrong time and in worse cases for the wrong reasons. Understanding where to channel money to and what amount to reserve for this is the first step to establishing a successful business. If you depend on supplies that come with varying prices, you should consider getting a system that will help you minimize the risk. Additionally, paying your suppliers should come as a priority to avoid bad cases that could ground the business.

A data-driven culture

Data is at the core of running every business and this is that should inform you while making majority of the decisions that affect your business. Keeping records and retrieving these records to interpret the data over a period of time is necessary to inform decisions that can help your business to move to the next level. Make sure to track key performance indicators so you can understand why they go down or up. Having the right information ready is having tools to guide you on the path to take.

Choose marketing that gives you ROI

There are many marketing channels you could use as a business, but not all these are ideal for your small business. To remain profitable, it is advisable to only invest in marketing campaigns that give ROI. Also ask questions to know whether the strategy works and if there are alternatives you could embrace to boost performance. One of the most important things you should do while looking for the right marketing platform is also learning from your competitors by reviewing their decisions to understand why their strategies work.

Talk to your customers

If your products are not tailored to cater for the needs put across by customers, then you will have a tough time fighting for a position in the market. Always listen to what customers are saying about your products and most importantly what they prefer you should include to make them better. One of the ways you could capture this information is through satisfaction surveys that help to reveal the perception of your customers towards your products. Also engage them on social media as this is also an easy way to listen to what they are saying about your products and business in general.

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Rocco Basile On Having A Strong Business Strategy

Nothing is worse in business than lack of strategy. Strategy is what gives the business direction and a blueprint on what to do and at what point in time. You need a plan that tells how your business should look like five years from now and this means if you have to achieve this goal your strategy should be strong and focused.

As Rocco Basile advises, businesses need to draft strategies that will direct them towards achieving their goals faster. Rocco Basile has been working in the construction industry and in 2010, he founded Avo Construction, a company that has been offering support to clients in the construction industry who want to implement their projects using quality support and ideas. He cites that having a strong business strategy is a pillar that any enterprise looking to grow should have.

Drive and impetus

If you work with a large team, having a strong strategy will give you the impetus and drive to work on projects that can help you to reach your goals faster. It motivates every member of your team to do more to help the business to reach targets, and this in some way speeds up the achievement of the goals you have.


Better results

Having a blueprint that tells you what to do and the path to take makes sure you only get the results that you need after a period of time. Knowing that a business strategy encourages effort and drives creativity, and this also allows your business to offer better services and products, which in turn translates to better results. A strong business plan enumerates all vital processes that can help the business to achieve its goals while offering a fall back plan in the event what is proposed fails to offer results.

Clarity, direction and focus

A business also needs to pick the right direction when working on different projects. This can only be achieved with the right strategy, so having a strong business strategy could eliminate ambiguities that delay the implementation of important ideas. Everyone involved is made aware of the things to get from the business should the set goals be met, and this promise allows all team members to embrace their roles with great motivation and focus. This way, you will make your strategy work for you instead of just letting everything flow without control. A strategy can help you to avoid a lot of damage that comes with the lack of order in a business.

Long term benefits

The main focus of a business strategy is not just allowing you to reap benefits in the current environment. You are also able to focus on the future to see where your business should be and with this you will implement ideas that help you to reach that point easily. You need to consider the weaknesses and strengths of the business as well as opportunities it could embrace to grow bigger in future. A plan of this kind assures you continuity and stability.

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Andrew Charlton Will Improve Your Business Success

Andrew Charlton Management consultantStatistics show that 9 out of 10 businesses fail and that is where most people would wave the white flag to surrender, never again to turn their face toward another business endeavor. What they don’t realize is that if 9 out of 10 business fail that means 1 will eventually make it through and become a success. Another thing they don’t realize is that if the business is failing, there are tools, services and resources out there to help the failing business and the struggling business owner.

One of the sources to help a business is a management consultant like Andrew Charlton of Australia. The job of the management consultant and consultant firms is to work closely with businesses and operatives to ensure the business performance picks up, overall restoring life and hope to a dying business. This is the case of one business helping another business. It works closely with the law of business that business is all about relationships and the better the service or a product you provide to help more people, you’ll be more successful.

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Michael Mally Talks About Focusing on Business

Michael Mally FocusIt doesn’t take a lifelong businessman like Michael John Mally to know that businesses come and businesses go. In fact, every 1 in 100 businesses started fail within the first year. The majority of people would say with those facts, the time, energy and money invested into a business isn’t worth it. However, those who are entrepreneurial minded read that stat as saying eventually one business will make it through if you stay persistent.

Michael J Mally, although a great business owner and wonderful business mentor, understood business principles and because he persisted over the many years and powered through his failures, using them as a learning experience rather than an excuse to quit, today he is one of the most sought after mentors for new business owners. The hard part is sticking to the decision once it is made and even more difficult than that is to stay focused.

“Focus is everything in a business because it is the driving force that builds momentum, which is also everything,” said Michael Mally. Failure will come, but you must remember it is all a mental battle and there is nothing physical to it.

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Randi Glazer Reviews Political Power Wielded by Businesses and Corporations

Throughout the United States, it is becoming increasingly clear that no amount of public outcry can come close to matching the power and the efficacy of the strategies employed by large corporations regarding potentially divisive legislation proposed by lawmakers. According to Randi Glazer, there are clear benefits relating to this fact, but as an underwriting professional skilled in all aspects of underwriting, she is also quick to point out the potential drawbacks as well.

The most recent example of a cohort of corporations taking on a state legislature occurred in Georgia, where the film industry, the NFL and several other large organizations with strong financial ties to the state expressed displeasure with proposed legislation and succeeded in convincing the state’s governor to veto the bill before it could become law.

As Glazer points out, these corporations acted in the interests of a sizable group of people who may have been subjected to discrimination as a result of the legislation passing, but she also wonders whether these powerful organizations could wield their power on issues that are not necessarily in keeping with the best interests of the people. Glazer is certainly right to point out that there is simply no easy answer.

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Healthy Competition in Business Continues to Push Innovation Forward

Regardless of the industry, businesses are often discussed in terms of performance relative to the competition, and it is certainly not uncommon to see executives base many of their decisions on a recent success or failure of a competing business. While the most unscrupulous of business leaders are quite willing to openly seek the total elimination of the competition in order to take full control of the market, healthy competition between rival factions within an industry can be highly beneficial to all of the parties involved.

A professional such as David Kravitz would likely point out that many competitors are capable of being openly disdainful of one another but likely recognize the benefits of the other’s existence. After all, competing factions help push each other forward and stimulate greater levels of creativity and innovation than would perhaps be possible if not for the existence of a worthy adversary. Throughout history there have been countless examples of competitors getting the best out of one another, including diverse competitions from the Cold War-era Space Race to the battle between Bird’s Celtics and Magic’s Lakers in the 1980s.

Of course, there are more contemporary examples of competition pushing innovation forward as well, with the recent SpaceX rocket launch and landing representing a perfect example. Elon Musk’s venture seems to have been somewhat motivated by the opportunity to “one-up” Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin venture, with the SpaceX rocket being the first to have been launched into orbit and then able to return into the atmosphere for a safe landing.

The Blue Origin rocket that was launched and also safely landed preceded the SpaceX rocket’s achievement, with the major difference being the fact that it did not reach orbit. Both Bezos and Musk seemed to take subtle shots at each other after the fact, but it remains the case that the success of one is at least partially responsible for the success of the other.

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Stephen E. Smith’s Lawsuit Business

Business can be stressful, heated with frustration and stress and sometimes even depressing while heated, frustrated and stressed. When a business is taken to court, all these emotions explode, but that’s where Stephen E. Smith Lawsuit walks into the pictures in to bring back order and put a stop to your worries.

The job description of a lawyer if you are curious would be to represent the client(s) in both criminal and civil litigation as well as other legal actions, compose legal documents. The business of an attorney is complex as they may be specialized in a single area or possibly practice a wide range in many areas of law.

Mr. Smith is a great example of having a broad understanding and practice of law which means his business will continue to experience growth.

“I wasn’t always skilled in law. In fact, for the majority of my life I knew absolutely nothing about it,” said attorney Stephen Smith. “I realized that this was the business I wanted to get into when I realized how much I loved helping people. I love being the answer to a problem or being the one to provide the answer to the problem. Now that I am a lawyer, I believe I have found where I need to be.”

Stephen Smith hit the nail on the head. Business is about helping people and providing an answer to a need. A business provides a service and the better you are at that service, the more successful your business will be.

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Time to Get Into the Business of Proper Footwear

When we think about all of the various aspects of business, it is very unlikely that the manner in which we care for our feet could ever play any sort of significant role in achieving business success. While maintaining foot health by wearing the proper pair of shoes as a part of your business attire is certainly not the sole determining factor of business success, it does play a greater role than you might realize. Dr. Andrew Carver, a podiatrist, believes that greater attention should be paid to the type of footwear you choose as well as the manner in which you care for your feet.

Whether a business transaction takes place in San Francisco, California, or Washington, DC, the parties involved in the transaction are often engaged in a constant and detailed evaluative process that takes into account everything from the graphic design of a company’s logo to the attire worn by the company’s employees. One increasingly common style trend in business is the pairing of sneakers with dress clothes, and while Dr. Carver likes this development from a comfort standpoint, he also notes that the incongruity is somewhat jarring and can actually be quite distracting. While wearing comfortable sneakers is something that the podiatry industry typically recommends, there is still an argument to be made that dress shoes are the best option to pair with dress clothes.

As Dr. Carver has pointed out, wearing dress shoes does not mean that the wearer has to be uncomfortable or inflict harm on their feet. The foot doctor recommends that anyone in the business industry who finds that they need to wear dress shoes on a regular basis should invest in a well-fitting pair of shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. This will ensure that your clients and colleagues will not be distracted by your choice of footwear while also allowing you to continue to be aware of how your choice of shoes affects the overall health of your feet.

To find a pair of comfortable dress shoes, you may discover that searching product reviews can be quite helpful. However, there are many who would instead recommend investing in a pair of custom-made shoes as the best option. These shoes do not necessarily have to be expensive, and every time someone compliments your footwear you will have the perfect opportunity to talk about how great your cobbler is.

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Business Savvy

Are you business savvyuntitled (193) untitled (192)Do you find there is nothing but problems in your business dealings?  Well then you are not business savvy.  So how does one become business savvy.  College?  I don’t think so.  Some of the worse managers I have worked with were college graduates.  The best way to learn a business is from the bottom up.  If you find a manager that has worked his way up you will know that he is business savvy.  The fact that he has worked in the trenches is better than any college education you can pay for.  Kimra Bettasso was a business savvy manager.