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Daren Zenner’s Top 3 Boxing Tips

Daren_Zenner_boxing_tipsDaren Zenner was a world renowed boxing expert and became a boxing legend in many circles. Zenner has shared with us 3 of the top tips that he teaches to his boxing students.

1. Gaurd your head. Zenner says to never drop your hands, your head is the most important part of a boxing match and without your head in the game, you’ll never win a boxing match.

2. Always move. Daren Zenner was known as the squirrel. He was always moving and you couldnt catch him just standing around.

3. Believe in yourself. If you believe you can win any fight, that confidence will express itself as fear in your opponent .

Taking these 3 steps to heart is the beginning of a successful boxing career, just ask Darden Zenner!

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