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Family Business

A family business can have its advantages and pit falls.  Dealinguntitled (65) imagesHA86G0RS imagesISD84NLY with family every day can be a challenge even for the best manager.  Familiarity breads contempt. That is a true statement.  We will give much more courtesy to a stranger that family.  this being true make for difficult managing in a family business.  If you can, I would do my best to separate from the family business and strike out on your own.  Family is good for almost everything but business.  Just try to be civil and bite your tongue as needed and you can survive that family business.  HuffPo interview of Luke Weil is a good example of family business done right.

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Get Down to Business

untitled (38) images (6)Lets get down to business. Go to school and spend a lot of your time learning how to work for people some lucky ones can go to school and work for themselves.  They tell you to do what you love but does it always pay the bills and student loans.  Some people go straight to the work force and go strong to there goal and they get to work their way up from the bottom to have someone that has only book smart to take the higher paying job from you because you went straight to the working force then college.  It seems that college should help these people that go straight to work but no they make you start from the bottom just to make money off you when you don’t need the classes to help you learn what you learned in the work force already.  Occidental Vacation Club is a good place to start.

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Give ’em the Business

When the company is faltering and the employees are complacent you have to give them the business.  The employees have to understand that their performance has a direct impact on the profitability of the company.  If the company loses money they will be out of a job.  The company either will survive or fail but the employees are the tipping point.  I have been a union officer and understand that employersuntitled (24) will take advantage of employees if left unchecked.  The company has to make money for the employees to ever see a raise in their income, read more…

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Give them the Business

When it comes to making your way in business I am drawn to the positive confidence shown so very infrequently.  Look here, LinkedIn ,  for examples.  Business belongs to the bold.  I wish I had figured that out earlier in my career.  I would be a millionaire by now.  You see, in business there is no room for the timid.  The bold swallow them alive.  I cant count the opportunities that I passed up because I was not bold enough to challenge myself.  You regret the things that you didn’t do far more than those you did.  So be bold and get ahead,  it works.

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How’s Business?

If your business is lacking growth then Saleh Stevens can help.  Business is like a living think and it takes care to keep it going.  Sometimes we neglect business and it catches up with us.  The problem can be deeper than we can fathom.  www.forbes.com/business is a resource for good business practices.  Follow basic principles that have been in practice for ever and you will succeed.  If you fail to stay the course, problems will occur.  It is not the fact that your business is trouble free but how you manage the problems. Keep your head down and don’t let the problems overcome the answers.

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the Business of Reviews

A good review is money in the bank.  A bad review can be a problem.  Review sites will work with you if there is a bad review that is unfair.  Lets say a competitor wanted to hurt your business to drive customers to his business.  A series of bad reviews could be the method employed.  Sometimes according to sources a business is doing its best to service its customers and is oblivious to how the review sites work.  If you want a good result you have to be on top of these technologies. Stay aware and you will be able to turn these reviews into positive business results.

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New Services To Businesses Means Higher Opportunity

Do you know what is good news for a business? Adding on new services to the business. New services means new customers and clients with new needs. It also creates this new window of opportunity to make lasting relationships with the clients you provide for because after all, that’s what a business is – relationships. Dimensional Construction, a roofing and repair construction company based in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida, has announced the good news for the business of adding in a new service to restore insurance for the damaged homes due to the terrible weather which isn’t uncommon for the area as Florida is also called “The lightning capital of the world.”

Adding new services to your business takes a lot of planning, research and possibly a little trial and error. You will know when the time is right. First begin by taking another look at your business plan. If you don’t have one, get one! Write out a business plan for your business as-is in its present state. Ask yourself these questions: Will your customers benefit from this new service? If so, how? Will it allow you to serve more people? Fewer people? Will it affect your employees? If you don’t have employees, will it create employees? Will it cost less? Are the results going to be better?

Probably the best part of owning your own business is that it is indeed your own business and you make the choice of what changes happen, when and where in your business things will be changed. Most of all, have fun with it! If you aren’t having fun with business, you’re doing something wrong!

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Director Of FDD Research Group Reviews Four Dollar Click

Four Dollar Click has has plenty of reviews from people all over the globe. Many people that review are the normal, every day hard-working Americans and even the ones who work with Four Dollar Click. It’s not often this business gets a review from someone known well throughout the United States, but this time a review was conducted by the executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracy, Mark Dubowitz who had said, “My research group (FDD) mainly deals in educating the world in the activity of Iran and other areas of the Middle East. It’s not typical of us to research a business, but I’m glad we did.” Mark Dubowitz (http://www.usnews.com/topics/author/mark-dubowitz) who is widely know throughout America took his time to research and give his personal review of the Four Dollar Click opportunity and of course, it is highly appreciated. 

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Four Dollar Click Meets Imperial Advance

Looking to stabilize your business?  There are many sources one can access to accomplish their goals. Two of these sources are Four Dollar Click and Imperial Advance. Four Dollar Click is this business that pays you to click ads. Getting paid per click is an aid for online marketing. The company in question will pay you, the clicker, for every customer or client brought to the site.

Now that you have some extra income, time to invest it into Imperial Advance. By completing the simple online loan application with no obligations, Imperial Advance will grant those who are eligible a working capital loan up to $1 million. To qualify, business owners have to be operating the business for several months and are making gross monthly sales of $8,500 or more. Now you see how the two can go hand-in-hand? Go ahead and get started making your business work for you. Find Imperial Advance on Linkedin.

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Daren Zenner’s Top 3 Boxing Tips

Daren_Zenner_boxing_tipsDaren Zenner was a world renowed boxing expert and became a boxing legend in many circles. Zenner has shared with us 3 of the top tips that he teaches to his boxing students.

1. Gaurd your head. Zenner says to never drop your hands, your head is the most important part of a boxing match and without your head in the game, you’ll never win a boxing match.

2. Always move. Daren Zenner was known as the squirrel. He was always moving and you couldnt catch him just standing around.

3. Believe in yourself. If you believe you can win any fight, that confidence will express itself as fear in your opponent .

Taking these 3 steps to heart is the beginning of a successful boxing career, just ask Darden Zenner!