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Dirty Business

There is money to be made in dirty businesses.  Garbage collection is very profitable as recycling efforts increase.  These businesses are needed and will be increasing in demand as the population grows.  There is money in garbage.  The land fills are filling up and being converted to golf courses.  If you can over look the […]

Get Down to Business

Lets get down to business. Go to school and spend a lot of your time learning how to work for people some lucky ones can go to school and work for themselves.  They tell you to do what you love but does it always pay the bills and student loans.  Some people go straight to […]

New Services To Businesses Means Higher Opportunity

Do you know what is good news for a business? Adding on new services to the business. New services means new customers and clients with new needs. It also creates this new window of opportunity to make lasting relationships with the clients you provide for because after all, that’s what a business is – relationships. […]