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Dirty Business

There is money to be made in dirty businesses.  Garbage collection is very profitable as recycling efforts increase.  These businesses are needed and will be increasing in demand as the population grows.  There is money in garbage.  The land fills are filling up and being converted to golf courses.  If you can over look the […]

Family Business

A family business can have its advantages and pit falls.  Dealing with family every day can be a challenge even for the best manager.  Familiarity breads contempt. That is a true statement.  We will give much more courtesy to a stranger that family.  this being true make for difficult managing in a family business.  If […]

Occidental Vacation Club Reviews: Don’t Leave Spain Without Tasting the Paella

Dubbed as Spain’s National Dish, paella is definitely a dish that best represents Spain. Originating in Valencia, Spain, this rice dish is a complete meal on its own. There are 3 variations to this popular dish: The paella Valenciana, the seafood paella, and the mixed paella. The paella Valenciana is a mixture of rice, vegetables, […]