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Business or Hobby

Many of these so called businesses working out of the garage is really hobbies.  The fact that you create a product and sell it does not mean you have a business.   If you constantly lose money then you have a hobby.  If you think that you can get a patent and make millions you […]

Give them the Business

When it comes to making your way in business I am drawn to the positive confidence shown so very infrequently.  Look here, LinkedIn ,  for examples.  Business belongs to the bold.  I wish I had figured that out earlier in my career.  I would be a millionaire by now.  You see, in business there is […]

the Business of Reviews

A good review is money in the bank.  A bad review can be a problem.  Review sites will work with you if there is a bad review that is unfair.  Lets say a competitor wanted to hurt your business to drive customers to his business.  A series of bad reviews could be the method employed.  […]

Director Of FDD Research Group Reviews Four Dollar Click

Four Dollar Click has has plenty of reviews from people all over the globe. Many people that review are the normal, every day hard-working Americans and even the ones who work with Four Dollar Click. It’s not often this business gets a review from someone known well throughout the United States, but this time a […]