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Time to Get Into the Business of Proper Footwear

When we think about all of the various aspects of business, it is very unlikely that the manner in which we care for our feet could ever play any sort of significant role in achieving business success. While maintaining foot health by wearing the proper pair of shoes as a part of your business attire is certainly not the sole determining factor of business success, it does play a greater role than you might realize. Dr. Andrew Carver, a podiatrist, believes that greater attention should be paid to the type of footwear you choose as well as the manner in which you care for your feet.

Whether a business transaction takes place in San Francisco, California, or Washington, DC, the parties involved in the transaction are often engaged in a constant and detailed evaluative process that takes into account everything from the graphic design of a company‚Äôs logo to the attire worn by the company’s employees. One increasingly common style trend in business is the pairing of sneakers with dress clothes, and while Dr. Carver likes this development from a comfort standpoint, he also notes that the incongruity is somewhat jarring and can actually be quite distracting. While wearing comfortable sneakers is something that the podiatry industry typically recommends, there is still an argument to be made that dress shoes are the best option to pair with dress clothes.

As Dr. Carver has pointed out, wearing dress shoes does not mean that the wearer has to be uncomfortable or inflict harm on their feet. The foot doctor recommends that anyone in the business industry who finds that they need to wear dress shoes on a regular basis should invest in a well-fitting pair of shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. This will ensure that your clients and colleagues will not be distracted by your choice of footwear while also allowing you to continue to be aware of how your choice of shoes affects the overall health of your feet.

To find a pair of comfortable dress shoes, you may discover that searching product reviews can be quite helpful. However, there are many who would instead recommend investing in a pair of custom-made shoes as the best option. These shoes do not necessarily have to be expensive, and every time someone compliments your footwear you will have the perfect opportunity to talk about how great your cobbler is.

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