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Occidental Vacation Club Reviews: Don’t Leave Spain Without Tasting the Paella

Dubbed as Spain’s National Dish, paella is definitely a dish that best represents Spain. Originating in Valencia, Spain, this rice dish is a complete meal on its own. There are 3 variations to this popular dish: The paella Valenciana, the seafood paella, and the mixed paella.

The paella Valenciana is a mixture of rice, vegetables, chicken or rabbit, land snails and seasonings. The seafood paella replaces the meat with seafood and omits the vegetables. Mixed paella is what Occidental Vacation Club Reviews call the “best of both worlds” with the freestyle mix of seafood, vegetables and meats.

According to Occidental Vacation Club Reviews, a trip to Spain is incomplete without the famous paella. The best places to try paella is still the small restaurants especially in Valencia. Occidental Vacation Club Reviews said that to taste the authentic Spanish paella, ask around the locals who can show you how to make paella and they’ll be more than willing to serve a paella feast for you.

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